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Salute Gymnastics boasts a staff of highly competent and friendly fitness professionals. Check us out:

Teresa Middents

Owner of Salute Gymnastics


Teresa Middents grew up in Des Moines and has many years of gymnastics and coaching experience. From a young age, she was enrolled in recreational gymnastics classes at South Suburban YMCA.  Teresa was on the competitive team with the YMCA and then with Corner House Gymnastics.  While training on the team, she also began her coaching career with the YMCA, Corner House and Metro Gymnastics. Teresa is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education with a coaching endorsement.  While in college, she coached at Chow's Gymnastics in Des Moines.  Upon graduation, Teresa relocated to Atlantic, IA where she continuted her coaching gymnastics with the Nishna Valley YMCA. Teresa is a certified coach with USA Gymnastics.

Jeremy Middents

Boys Coach, Bookkeeper, maintenance man, etc...


Jeremy works for Liberty Savings Bank remotely  by day, and go to guy in the evening at Salute Gymnastics.  Jeremy is a certified coach with USA Gymnastics.  

Nicole Middents - Recreational Coach & Team Coach


Nicole will be a Senior at Atlantic High School for the 202-2024 school year. She is a current team member (Xcel Diamond Level) and has been in gymnastics since she was 4.   She enjoys drawing/painting, band, track, volleyball, cross country, and snuggling with her dog Cy.

Allison Middents - Recreational Coach & Team Coach


Allison is a ninth grader at Atlantic High School.  She helps out around the gym with recreationals classes and helps with team as needed with class.  She is a current team member (Xcel Diamond) and has been in gymnastics since we started Salute Gymnastics. She enjoys running cross country, track, and band. 


Megan Birge - Recreational Coach


Megan is a junior at Atlantic High School. She is currently an Xcel Diamond team member and has been in gymnastics since she was 5 years old (11 years). She enjoys working with recreational classes at Salute. In her free time she likes to paint and read.  She plays the trombone in band and sings in the school choir and show choir. Megan also likes to participate in school musicals/plays.  

Maggie Cohrs - Recreational Coach

Maggie is a ninth grader at Atlantic High School. She is currently helping coach the recreational classes. She is a team member at the Xcel Platinum level and has been a gymnast since she was 5.  She enjoys volleyball, playing with her dog Nyx, baking, and helping with cattle, pigs, and goats. 



Raelyn Lund - Recreational Coach


Raelyn is a Junior at CAM High School. She teaches the recreational classes and is also a current Xcel Platinum member. She enjoys dancing, cheerleading, and track.

Bella Brock - Recreational Coach


Bella is currently a sophomore at Atlantic High School. She loves to be at the gym both to practice and teaching.  She is a current member of the Xcel Gold team and her goal for next year is to be move up to the Platinum level. Bella has been doing gymnastics with Salute since she was little.  Outside of the gym she enjoys spending time with friends, and participating in sports. 


Ashlee King - Recreational Coach


Ashlee is a ninth grader at Atlantic High School. She enjoys being on the competition team with Salute as a Platinum and has been in gymnastics for 5 years.  She likes to be organized. 

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